Our professional expertise

Our chefs skillfully blend traditional and contemporary culinary techniques to deliver dishes that consistently meet expectations for both quality and allure.

Contract catering ​

Our core competence is in collective catering, an arena where we shine. As pioneers in this domain, we adhere to stringent hygiene, quality, and safety benchmarks.

Whether we’re serving corporate diners, university hospitals, school canteens, or camp facilities, compliance is unwavering.

Ansamble Sénégal
Ansamble Sénégal

Ensuring food safety

In catering, guests’ health and safety reign supreme.

Ansamble Senegal operates with a uniform system of procedures, upholding the zenith of Hygiene, Quality, and Safety standards. This rigor extends to our meticulously chosen suppliers who undergo periodic audits.

We mandate biological analyses and ensure complete traceability throughout the food production and consumption process.

QHSE training commences at induction and is refreshed via our continuous training initiatives.

Food Safety Plan: Ansamble Maroc’s FSP aligns with prevailing regulations (PMS) and is steadfastly applied by our teams across all sites.