Corporate Social Responsibility

ANSAMBLE for responsible catering.

We strive to create a positive influence on both people and the environment.

AnsAmble with two ‘A’s, is about being together with our clients, our collaborators, our suppliers, and with our environment.

Ansamble Sénégal

Our 5 major focuses

To amplify our commitment to responsibility

1. Respecting Employee Rights & Promoting Workplace Fulfillment

At Ansamble, the heart of our responsibility lies in the acknowledgment and enhancement of our employees’ rights and well-being.

We diligently adhere to health and safety regulations, establishing a proactive approach towards training and the prevention of work-related accidents and illnesses.

We treasure the diverse backgrounds, cultures, and origins of our staff. Our commitment to these values is evident right from the hiring process and permeates through every aspect of our human resources management.

A unique HR follow-up program is in place at Ansamble. We give precedence to internal promotions and are dedicated to nurturing talent within the organization.

Our aim is not only to improve our teams’ work experience but also to refine our interactions with our suppliers. By concentrating on the dynamics of our professional relationships, we enhance overall job satisfaction.

We are avid advocates of social cohesion. By fostering a strong sense of belonging, we instill a unifying spirit within our teams.

It fills us with pride to witness our employees actively participating in the company’s charitable endeavors, which span areas such as education, health, social welfare, and environmental conservation.

Respect for human rights

  • Non-Discrimination: All individuals are entitled to their rights, free from discrimination based on gender, color, language, religion, beliefs, nationality, social background, birth, or any other status.
  • Opposition to Forced Labor: We vehemently oppose and prohibit any and all forms of forced or compulsory labor.
  • Prohibition of Child Labor: Child labor is not permitted under any circumstance.
  • Freedom of Association: We respect and uphold the freedom of association and recognize the importance of collective bargaining rights.

2.Promoting business ethics and good governance

Ansamble Senegal intensifies its commitment to social responsibility through the meticulous selection of suppliers and partners based on strict and transparent criteria.

At Ansamble, we prioritize ethical business conduct. We stand against practices like price-fixing, territory division among competitors, and the sharing of confidential information. We advocate for healthy competition, ensuring a fair marketplace.

To maintain our reputation and commitment, we have robust mechanisms to combat corruption in all its forms.

Ensuring clarity and honesty in our operations, we keep accurate accounts that reflect every aspect of the company’s activities and assets. Management decisions, evaluations, and compensation at Ansamble are based on measurable performance indicators.

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3. Respecting the interests of our customers and consumers

At Ansamble, we prioritize the interests of our customers and consumers by adhering to strict standards in food safety and nutrition.

We are dedicated to ensuring the safety and health of our consumers through the products and services we offer.

We provide comprehensive and precise details about our products and services. This encompasses their composition, usage, storage, upkeep, and disposal procedures.

We stand against deceptive advertising and unjust commercial activities, ensuring all our practices are transparent and ethical.

Ansamble remains unwavering in fulfilling our contractual obligations and maintaining our quality standards in all scenarios.

4. Reducing our environmental footprint

As a responsible economic entity dedicated to sustainable development, we are resolute in our environmental preservation efforts. A central focus is combating food waste by meticulously managing production processes and ensuring prudent food procurement.

We diligently coordinate the collection of used oil from the restaurants under our purview and enforce comprehensive waste recycling measures.

We embrace best practices to curtail our water and energy consumption, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Ansamble actively engages in beach cleanup initiatives and conducts awareness campaigns among our partners and customers, furthering our environmental commitment.

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5. Developing our commitment to the community

Senegal is deeply committed to fostering economic and social progress by prioritizing local employment and purchases.

We endorse suppliers who prioritize environmental product quality and fair employee working conditions. We actively encourage our partners to exchange best practices and uphold social and human rights.

We ensure the availability of essential company products to the wider public.

Through our OCS Senegal Foundation, we invest in and support social initiatives aimed at community development and poverty alleviation.

Learn more about the OCS Morocco Foundation 

Ansamble Senegal proudly holds the VIGEO 26.000 label, attesting to our elevated level of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) maturity. With a positioning score of “Probable,” it solidifies our unwavering commitment to societal betterment.

Furthermore, our company is actively pursuing the CGEM CSR label, aiming to fortify our responsible footprint across four pivotal CSR pillars: Education, Health, Precariousness, and Environmental.