OCS Foundation

The OCS Foundation, established seven years ago, serves as a tool for implementing the Group's CSR strategy toward disadvantaged communities or those affected by life's challenges.

Its areas of action encompass combating precariousness, supporting solidarity projects, promoting health, education, and environmental initiatives. 

Our primary focus is on eradicating food insecurity, which serves as the foundation for offering comprehensive assistance to the most marginalized communities. It represents a critical stride in eliminating exclusion, revitalizing social bonds, and forging pathways to education, apprenticeships, and gainful employment. This is our daily commitment.

A goal of effectiveness
The foundation serves as a framework for translating the group’s convictions into impactful actions in the field.
  • It manages finances and operates social programs.
  • The foundation forges partnerships with public bodies and NGOs for specific initiatives.

  • Leveraging its expertise and organizational capabilities, it supports associations and can offer logistical resources.

  • The OCS  Foundation offers its employees a solidarity fund to assist them during challenging life events affecting them or their loved ones.

  • The OCS Foundation is a legally recognized entity with its independent operating budget.


Building a network of solidarity over time

Every year, employees of the OCS MAROC group volunteer throughout the kingdom to undertake noble actions.

Over the years, we’ve witnessed a growing abundance of goodwill at Ansamble, with volunteer networks organizing and projects uniting teams in a spirit of solidarity.

We’re also witnessing an increasing commitment from associations and partners in supporting and collaborating on the foundation’s programs.

Patrons, institutional donors, and everyday citizens, starting with our own employees, respond to our donation drives and field initiatives with remarkable generosity and enduring commitment over time.

Key Initiatives by the Foundation

  • Meal Distribution in Collaboration with the Jood Association
  • Distribution of Kitchen Equipment at Riad Zitoun School
  • Support for the Second Chance School – CFA de Nouaceur in Partnership with the EMA Association
  • Argan Tree Planting in 2022
  • Beach Cleaning Campaigns
  • Annual Blood Donation Drive
  • Ramadan Food Basket Distribution
  • Food Basket Distribution in Essaouira
  • Annual “Together Against the Cold” Initiative

Discover the 5th edition of “Together against the cold”