Corporate & Administrative Catering

As a leader in out-of-home dining, Ansamble Senegal offers collective catering solutions that provide meals tailored to the expectations and working conditions of businesses.

At Ansamble Senegal, we understand that every establishment has specific needs. That’s why we offer a carefully designed dining solution to nourish, satisfy, and simplify the lives of our guests.

Our services, providing the best value for money, are available throughout Senegal:

Whether it’s self-service, table service, or fast food.

We can provide on-site cooking or use our central kitchen to ensure meal distribution.

Whether it’s for a business or an inter-company restaurant, we are here to serve you.

A gourmet break

In our approach to corporate catering, we see each employee as a privileged guest. We believe that his or her meal should be a moment of relaxation and escape, and a welcome break in the working day. That’s why we place so much emphasis on the choice of dishes and menus, as well as the careful presentation of the plates. Our aim is to offer everyone the opportunity to savor the pleasures of a good meal, and to fully recharge their batteries during the meal.

A tasty experience for guaranteed vitality

Our talented chefs are constantly trained to use modern cooking methods that enhance the quality and flavor of the ingredients we use. With us, the balance between taste and health is paramount! In all our company restaurants, we place great importance on meeting nutritional needs. We offer wellness menus and use clear guidelines to promote healthy, balanced food choices. In this way, we encourage our guests to adopt healthy eating habits, with a focus on quality, taste and health.

A flexible offer to suit your professional lifestyle

Take advantage of your lunch break to indulge in your favorite activities, whether it’s a sports session or shopping. At Ansamble, we understand the importance of having a quick lunch while maintaining a balanced diet. That’s why we adapt to your employees’ lifestyles by offering takeaway meals, so you can enjoy a healthy, convenient meal wherever you are.

An inspiring lunch break

A dynamic culinary experience: comforting soups in winter, fresh plates when temperatures rise, animations around seasonal, local or organic products, themed meals and exotic flavors… Our talented teams are here to awaken your taste buds and break the monotony. We strive to create a modern, friendly atmosphere, transforming the company restaurant into a living space where our guests feel comfortable and welcome.