School and university catering in Senegal

In Senegal, Ansamble is rapidly gaining favor among educational institutions, spanning from nursery and primary schools to middle schools, high schools, and extending to post-baccalaureate learners.

Both international school chains and independent groups have opted to sample Ansamble’s cafeteria offerings first. Our distinct Ansamble School Catering approach has resonated positively with parents:

Our menu offerings, crafted in partnership with our nutrition specialist, are presented in age-appropriate containers, complemented by decor designed to whet the appetite, even for the most discerning young diners.

Delightful, Innovative Cuisine for Taste Sensations !

Lunch, a pivotal interlude in the school day, becomes a cherished moment of camaraderie and delight. It’s an opportunity to rejuvenate and explore novel flavors. 

Our daily fare is a burst of vibrant colors, our menus a medley of diversity, and our amusements promise delightful surprises. Our school cafeterias are thoughtfully crafted and adorned, tailored to each student’s age, ensuring an environment perfectly attuned to their needs.

Savoring Every Meal Together !

Our dedicated staff, cherished companions in the daily lives of children, take immense joy in sharing these exceptional moments with them. 

By attentively learning about their preferences, engaging in conversation, and fostering a welcoming atmosphere in the cafeteria, we guarantee that children relish their lunch in a friendly and enjoyable setting.

Nutritional Education at the Forefront of Our Priorities

Our commitment to nutritional education shines through in our tailored menus for each age group, imparting essential balanced eating habits to young schoolchildren in alignment with the National Nutrition and Health Program. 

Diversity also holds a pivotal role in nutrition. By introducing global recipes, we inspire children to expand their culinary boundaries and explore a wealth of new flavors.