Our commitments

Simply taking care of you

Quality policy

As the leader in collective catering in Senegal, Ansamble adheres to the strictest standards of hygiene, quality, and safety.

Our commitment is reflected through training, analyses, and comprehensive traceability implemented across the entire production and consumption chain to ensure that all of our clients receive healthy and delicious food.

Our unwavering commitment manifests in comprehensive training, meticulous analyses, and end-to-end traceability across the entire production and consumption spectrum. This ensures every customer relishes a wholesome and delightful culinary journey.

Ansamble Sénégal
Ansamble Sénégal

Balanced diet

Varied and balanced menus

Serving guests of diverse age groups daily carries immense responsibility. Our foremost priority is their well-being and health. In response, we’ve established a dedicated dietetic center singularly focused on crafting health-conscious menus.

Promoting Awareness in Your Dining Spaces

Our dietitians, in collaboration with our esteemed chefs, organize awareness campaigns and recurrent themed events to advocate the advantages of maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.

Listen and take action

The essence of our name, “Ansamble”, is more than just a label—it encapsulates the close-knit relationship of trust and collaboration we nurture… together!

Engaging Customers for Ongoing Enhancement

Open Reports : These pave the way for us to anticipate both your needs and those of your guests.

Satisfaction Surveys : Conducted on-site, these allow us to gather your feedback. We’re then poised to recalibrate the services our teams offer, if deemed necessary.

Our dedication to ceaseless improvement is underpinned by our specialized online survey tool: Ansamble Survey. Categorized into thematic sections like “Restaurant Service”, “Restaurant Team”, and “Atmosphere”, it offers a streamlined response process. With immediate insights into the feedback, we stand agile, always primed for refinement.

Ansamble Sénégal
Ansamble Sénégal

A friendly and personalized relationship

Valuing customer expectations and recognizing their unique needs, offering social and professional support, championing talent, and emphasizing training and integration form our foundational principles.

This tailored approach holds equal significance for both our teams and our clients.

We prioritize active engagement and foster close relationships that act as catalysts for innovation.