Corporate child care centers

À Deux Pas is the subsidiary of the Ansamble Morocco catering group, specializing in creating and managing corporate child care centers.

The “À Deux Pas” daycare concept allows employees and parents to better reconcile their personal and work lives. 

With its extensive experience in providing services to companies, Ansamble offers quality and affordable solutions to welcome their little ones.

Two options are available: the company’s own daycare center, or the inter-company daycare center, the result of an agreement between several companies to benefit their employees’ children.


The “À Deux Pas” concept is a win-win situation for everyone: employers, employees and children.

A good HR policy strengthens the attractiveness of your company

Being able to provide a childcare solution has a strong impact on your employees’ loyalty, absenteeism and lateness to work.

The existence of a “À Deux Pas” daycare center facilitates return to work after maternity leave. Your employees are more efficient, thanks to optimized working hours and a better quality of life.

Finally, your company daycare contributes to developing a socially responsible and civic-minded company image and facilitates hiring the best people.

A protective and fulfilling place for children

À Deux Pas daycare centers offer high-quality services for the reception and care of children. Our daycare centers are spaces for socialization and development for young children.

They are cared for by trained teams who are attentive to all aspects of the child’s life: safety, hygiene, health, well-being, and educational development.

Added peace of mind for your employees who are young parents

With their young child nearby, your employees feel less stressed and save time and commuting time. Reconciling work and family life becomes easier.

Parents benefit from attractive rates and flexible schedules (open all year round).

Last but not least, parents are reassured by the level of services offered in the À Deux Pas daycare centers

They rely on us

We meet the diversified expectations of more than 150 customers throughout Morocco.